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"Top 50 Pool Builder in America" - Pool and Spa News

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All of our pool and backyard designs are customized to your setting, "hand drawn" and colored. They are simply a work of art and our goal is to capture the essence of what you desire and envision.

Swimming pools provide more than just a large body of water in the backyard for getting wet. Swimming pools and spas provide family memories, years of enjoyment, exercise, and relaxation. When you invest in a swimming pool, not only does it add value to your home, it also adds value to your life experiences.

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Joe Dover
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Joe brings a vast amount of experience and creativity to every pool project.

His vision and ideas for what simply "looks great" will impress. And, his goal is to make sure your pool has the "WOW" factor.

swimming pool designerWe've never built the same pool twice.?
Every pool built by Georgia Classic pool is "custom" and personal to each homeowner.

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are nearly 5 million in-ground pools in the United States. As you dive in to deciding what kind of swimming pool you want, you'll see that the options are numerous, the shapes and sizes are nearly limitless, and the fun and enjoyment are bottomless.

Swimming pools and spas are a long-term investment, so it's important to become well-informed on everything that goes into their design and construction. The key things to keep in mind when designing your new in-ground pool are placement, size, shape, type of pool, and finishing materials.

Landscaping and gardening are also ideal outlets for your creativity. Nature gives you an expansive palette of colors, textures, scents, and structural compositions to choose from. In a home garden, you can take these gifts from nature and combine them in any style you desire. But with so many landscaping options at your disposal, where do you begin?

Whether you want to create a sanctuary, a retreat, an entertainment area or any other environment, Georgia Classic Pool can help you achieve what you want.

Hiring a professional landscape designer could be one of the smartest investment decisions you’ll ever make. Designers trained and qualified in the principles of garden design and horticulture can help their clients avoid the costly mistakes that can turn the dream of an outdoor haven into a landscape nightmare. Professional landscape designers are skilled practitioners of fundamental design concepts ? proportion, unity, balance, perspective, color, texture ? that can bring about a fully integrated design. They have a comprehensive knowledge of plants so that you get the right plant that grows to the right size for the right place in your garden. They are skilled communicators and planners who work with contractors, vendors, local governments and others to complete successful projects. Professional landscape designers are also aware of our natural environment and promote sustainable practices whenever possible. They are inspired by the creative process, by great design, and most of all, by their clients’ needs, wants and dreams.

Brandy Weldy

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