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Pool Tech

pool tech pool servicePool Start-Up Services

As part of our pool construction services, we provide the initial “pool start-up” once the pool is full of water. This service is provided by our service partner, Pool Tech. They will contact you about a walk-thru of your pool equipment. After this initial start-up and water chemistry balancing?the pool service and water management belongs to you, the homeowner.

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Pool Tech

Georgia Classic pool partner’s with Pool Tech for your service needs

Pool Tech will offer their services to you and we highly recommend that you have a professional service your pool, like them on some regular basis. Even if you think you may take care of your pool yourself later, having them handle it for you for the first few weeks or months is always a great idea until you “learn” your pool and how to care for your pool.?

Pool Tech is also the manufacturers rep for Jandy (your pool equipment). They are clearly the experts in the industry when it comes to maintaining all aspects of your pool once construction is complete.

Who takes care of your pool once it’s built? Pool Tech guarantees you won’t be left in the dark after the construction process. At Pool Tech, they are the best follow-up service company for the best pool builders around. From the simplest question to the more technical questions, Pool Tech professionals are here to ensure your satisfaction. They encourage you to call their customer service reps and ask for a list of our many, satisfied customers.?

Pool Tech is regarded, by pool system manufacturers, as a top warranty station for providing after-care services for their pool owners and operators. They not only ensure satisfaction with Georgia Classic Pool customers, buth their professional services ensure satisfaction with our manufacturers as well.


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