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Vanishing Edge

vanishing infinity edge swimming pool

Vanishing Edge Water Feature

A vanishing edge pool (also called infinity,?negative edge,?zero edge or?disappearing edge) is a swimming or reflecting pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, vanishing, or extending to "infinity"..

Georgia Classic Pool has vast experience with building all types of vanishing and infinity edge pools or pools built "out of the ground" in many different settings. We build more of these types of swimming pools than any other pool builder in Georgia.

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Swimming Pool Design Ideas

A vanishing edge pool (sometimes referred to as a negative, zero edge, or infinity edge pool) gives the impression that water flows to the horizon.

In reality, one edge of the swimming pool is constructed lower than the water level. A catch basin below recirculates the water back into the pool. Infinity pools are more costly than traditional pools because they require more extensive design and engineering.

An infinity pool is especially impressive because of the visual effect it produces. This type of pool design is most dramatic when it highlights a backdrop such as a lake or picturesque wooded area or golf club. This type of design is also prime for pools set on a hillside, giving the effect that water is spilling over the edge of the cliff. It is also important to reconsider adding a waterfall to a vanishing edge pool because it can disturb the reflective quality that this type of design provides.

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