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Lake Side Pool Cabana

pool cabana

Lake Side Pool Cabana

    The sky is the limit when it comes to your imagination for your outdoor living space. There is a large assortment of options to consider and one of the ultimate goals of a swimming pool cabana and overall outdoor living area is to make this space an extension of your home.

    An outdoor living space such as an open air pool cabana provides a great opportunity for enhancing your time spent poolside and outdoors in your own backyard. It becomes additional living space that can serve a multitude of functions.

    The Georgia Classic Pool team can design an exquisite project that will enhance your entire pool and outdoor living area. The cabana can be simple or expansive, it just depends on your imagination, budget and expectations of the space. Features to consider are:
    Grill and Bar

    A full Outdoor Kitchen which can include the grill and bar, as wells as a smoker, refrigerator, storage areas, kegerator, ice maker and sink.

    Music / Speakers / TV / Intercom Systems

    Misting Systems

    Bathroom / Outdoor Shower

    Arbors / Pergolas