Can You Build a Swimming Pool Without a Permit?

Can You Build A Swimming Pool Without A Permit

Swimming pools offer a more convenient way to cool on hot summer days and a background for special moments with the family. Additionally, having a pool in your home can increase its value exponentially depending on the pool’s size and design.

For many homeowners planning to build their dream oasis, one of the reality checks they face is the question of permits. Considering that this is an issue with legal implications, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the permitting process before undertaking a pool construction.

Do You Need a Permit to Build a Pool?

In most cities and towns, it is mandatory to get a building permit for any new pool construction. Notably, the permit requirements mostly apply to in-ground swimming pools deeper than 24 inches. Above-ground pools, for the most part, do not need any permits since they are temporary fixtures.

Permits for pools may seem preposterous, but they are actually meant to ensure you adhere to various safety requirements. The best way to find out if you do need a permit for a pool is to contact your local city or town’s building department. The department will have up-to-date information on local and state laws touching on swimming pools and any application fees needed. If you live in a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), you should also check with your HOA to see if they have additional requirements and restrictions.

While you technically need a permit for a swimming pool, you may be tempted to build your pool without getting the papers. Depending on where you live, you may be prosecuted, or local officials may even demolish your pool. So, it is really not worth it to take shortcuts. Doing things the right way is easier and cheaper in the long run.

What Does a Swimming Pool Permit Application Entail?

Generally, you will need to submit some paperwork along with your application fees. Some of the required paperwork includes the contractor’s license information, a detailed plan of your plot, complete architectural drawings of the pool from a licensed architect, and your title deed to confirm land ownership. The specific list of documents you need will depend on your local council’s regulations and where your land is located.

Hire Professional Contractors

If you don’t know where to start with the permit application process, consider working with a licensed pool construction company that is well-versed with the legal requirements and processes. Georgia Classic Pool is one such company with extensive experience in custom pool design and pool construction in Milton and the surrounding areas. Call us today and start the journey to building your dream swimming pool.

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