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Luxury and Elegance Redefined with a Classic Plus Custom Swimming Pool

Elevate Your Backyard into an Opulent Oasis

Imagine stepping into your own private oasis, where luxury knows no bounds and elegance is an everyday experience. Georgia Classic Pool’s Classic Plus Custom Swimming Pools are the epitome of opulence and sophistication, designed to turn your backyard into a masterpiece of unparalleled beauty and functionality.

Crafting Exquisite Custom Designs with Exceptional Designers

Our commitment to creating unique and tailored swimming pool designs is at the heart of the Classic Plus Series. Behind every masterpiece is a team of amazing designers who turn your vision into reality. Collaborating closely with you, our designers bring their creativity and expertise to ensure that each pool is a work of art.

Pebble Tec Finish: Timeless Beauty Meets Durability

The beauty of a Classic Plus pool starts with the choice of materials. We exclusively use Pebble Tec finishes, known for their timeless aesthetics and exceptional durability. With an array of natural colors and textures, your pool’s surface becomes a work of art, offering both visual appeal and longevity.

Custom Tile, Coping, and Pool Deck Crafted with Precision

To elevate the elegance of your pool, our team meticulously selects custom tiles, coping, and pool deck materials that complement your design aesthetic. Whether you prefer a contemporary look or a classic feel, every detail is carefully considered to ensure a seamless and stunning result.

Precision Construction and Project Management

Behind the scenes, our fantastic operations and project management teams work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your project is executed with precision. From planning to execution, our project managers oversee every detail to guarantee that your dream pool is built flawlessly.

Supporting Staff that Exceeds Expectations

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the design and construction teams. The supporting staff behind the scenes plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional service. From administrative professionals to skilled technicians, every member of our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Envision a Backyard Paradise

The Classic Plus Series isn’t just about the pool itself; it’s about creating an entire outdoor living experience. Imagine relaxing in a pool cabana, savoring culinary delights from your outdoor kitchen, and gathering around a cozy fire feature, be it a fireplace or fire pit. Our designs seamlessly integrate these features to elevate your outdoor lifestyle.

Enchanting Water Features

Water features are the crown jewels of our Classic Plus Series. Picture the soothing sounds of cascading waterfalls, the mesmerizing dance of water and fire bowls, and the hidden wonder of a grotto where you can escape and unwind. These features transform your backyard into a tranquil haven.

Walls of Imagination and Precision Construction

In our pursuit of imagination, we don’t stop at the pool’s edge. Classic Plus Series designs often incorporate captivating walls that add depth and character to the landscape. These walls can serve as artistic elements, seating areas, or as a backdrop to showcase your outdoor paradise.

Conclusion: A World of Imagination Awaits

Georgia Classic Pool’s Classic Plus Custom Swimming Pools are a testament to luxury, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Your backyard becomes a canvas where we paint your dreams in the vibrant colors of elegance and sophistication. With custom designs, Pebble Tec finishes, unique tiles, an array of outdoor features, and a dedicated team of designers, project managers, and supporting staff, we invite you to explore a world of imagination that knows no limits. Transform your backyard into a breathtaking oasis and experience the true meaning of luxury living.

Pool With A Gazebo And A House

Escape to our grand resort-style retreat, featuring an array of luxurious amenities set against stunning panoramic views

Modern Pool With Scenic View
Elevate your relaxation with this breathtaking modern pool, perched high above the Chattahoochee River, featuring a massive infinity edge and a serene recessed spa. Enjoy the stunning backdrop of the Atlanta Braves ballpark
Huge White House With A Swimming Pool

Immerse yourself in modern sophistication with our sleek and contemporary pool designs

Creating dreams, one stroke at a time. This modern pool, crafted by Georgia Classic Pool for Jarrett & Kelli Gorlin in Woodstock, GA, exemplifies elegance and sophistication. #GeorgiaClassicPool #ModernPoolDesign

Pool With A Waterfall

Experience Tranquility and Luxury at our Georgia Classic Pool – where a harmonious blend of water features and a sunken firepit create a captivating poolside retreat.

Serenity Meets Luxury at our Georgia Classic Pool – where a stunning vanishing edge pool and spa provide an uninterrupted view of the picturesque lake.

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