Road Map

The Pool Building Journey

Embark on a captivating journey with Georgia Classic Pool as we guide you through the exhilarating process of creating your dream swimming pool and outdoor living space. From the initial vision to the final splash, our comprehensive roadmap will illuminate every step of the way. Discover the excitement, challenges, and rewards of building a stunning pool that perfectly complements your lifestyle. Join us on this extraordinary swimming pool journey and make your outdoor oasis a reality.

The Pool Building Journey

The Pool Building Journey of a Georgia Classic Pool

The Roadmap

The Roadmap of a Georgia Classic Pool Construction Project

Roadmap - 120 Days

The Roadmap

Dig Day

Dig Day – The Project Begins!!!

Plumbing & Rebar

Plumbing and Rebar Installation


The Shotcrete Installation

Frequenlty Asked Questions

Pool Construction Timeline

The construction timeline can vary. Our standard goal is to complete pool construction within 120 days. However, please keep in mind that several factors, including weather conditions, project complexity, and additional elements such as cabanas, intricate hardscapes, or landscaping, can influence the timeline. In cases where your project involves these additional elements, it’s advisable to anticipate a construction timeframe of around 180 days. It’s essential to note that “Day 1” in the construction timeline typically refers to the start of pool excavation.

Design vs. Reality

The 3D design we present serves as an inspirational representation of your future pool and outdoor living space. It’s important to understand that the 3D design is not a construction drawing and is not intended to provide an exact depiction of all elements that will be constructed or installed. In practice, the final construction may differ from the inspirational design in various ways, including the selection of materials, the ultimate layout, and specific details. The pool invoice provided to you outlines the specifics of what you are getting and paying for, which may not align precisely with the 3D plan or drawings.

Construction Schedule

The construction of your pool is more like a marathon than a sprint. Multiple specialized crews with distinct skill sets are involved in the construction process. While we make every effort to coordinate these crews efficiently and in succession to maintain a consistent work schedule, occasional delays can occur. These delays can result in days when no work is being carried out on your pool project. Rest assured that such possibilities are considered and factored into our overall completion timeline. You can refer to our provided Roadmap for a detailed schedule of the construction phases.

Permit Duration

The duration for obtaining a permit can significantly vary based on several factors, including your local municipality’s processes and the specific characteristics of your project. In some cases, permits are granted relatively quickly, even on the same day of submission. However, in more complex scenarios, it might take several months or even longer to secure the necessary permits. It’s crucial to understand that permit timelines are often influenced by external factors beyond our control.

Grading and Drainage

Upon completing your pool construction, we will establish a final grade around the pool area and ensure that water is properly directed away from the pool. This typically covers an area of approximately a 10-foot radius around the pool perimeter. However, it’s important to note that this grade is not “sod ready.” If you choose to engage our services for sod and landscape installation, we will oversee all grading and drainage work within that specific scope. Alternatively, if you hire another contractor for sod and landscape, they will be responsible for achieving the ultimate “finish” grade, ensuring that it is “sod ready,” and addressing related tasks such as grading, raking, and drainage.

Unexpected Costs

  1. Soil Conditions: While we generally assume that the soil is stable for pool construction, the actual soil conditions can vary. In cases where the soil presents challenges such as excessive moisture, debris, rocks, or other issues, addressing these soil-related problems during construction may result in additional expenses. These potential costs are not included in your initial contract or invoice. Each situation is unique, and we make every effort to minimize these costs while discussing them transparently with you, typically on the first day of excavation.
  2. Gas Lines: Our project price does not cover gas lines. Separate arrangements will be made with our gas contractor for the installation of gas lines and associated costs. More details regarding this aspect can be found in your invoice.
  3. Utilities: It is our assumption that your home’s utility supply, including electricity and gas, is sufficient to meet the needs of the pool equipment and is easily accessible. However, if it is determined that the utility supply is inadequate or not easily accessible, additional costs may arise. The extent of these costs will be assessed by our electrical contractor once the project is underway.
  4. Tree Removal: If there are trees or tree stumps within the pool project area that need to be removed, this process is not covered by our project price and will incur an additional fee.
  5. Auto Fill: We will install a water auto leveler system and prepare the plumbing for it. However, the actual connection of this system to a water source, which may be handled by an irrigation installer or plumber, is not included in our scope of work. It’s important