The Pool Building Journey

The Roadmap

The Roadmap of a Georgia Classic Pool Construction Project

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The Pool Building Journey

The Pool Building Journey of a Georgia Classic Pool

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Roadmap - 120 Days

Roadmap - 180 Days

Dig Day

Dig Day - The Project Begins!!!

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Plumbing & Rebar

Plumbing and Rebar Installation

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The Shotcrete Installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build the pool?
Plan on 120 days (And weather can greatly affect this target goal)
If there are other details (cabana, lots of hardscapes), plan on at least 180 days
The global pandemic and global supply chain issues have and may affect our completion goals
Day 1 = Pool Dig

Will my pool and outdoor living project look exactly like the 3D Design?
No. The swimming pool and outdoor living project design we have provided is meant for inspirational purposes only. It is not a construction drawing and is not meant to be an “exact” representation of everything being built or installed. The final construction will generally differ from the inspirational design in terms of materials selected, final layout and various details. Furthermore, the pool invoice identifies all the details of what is being built and paid for by the homeowner and not the 3D plan or drawings.

Will someone be working at my pool project every day?
No. Think of building your pool as a marathon, not a sprint. We have a lot of crews that will be involved in building your pool and outdoor living project. Each crew has a different set of skills. We are generally efficient at getting the different crews scheduled right after one another on your project, but there are delays at times and there are going to be days when nobody will be working on your pool. We have built that into our completion goals. The Roadmap is our guide and should help you understand the scheduling.

How long does it take to get a permit?
This can vary greatly by municipality and specific details for your project. We have seen permits issued on the same day they are submitted, and other permits have taken 6 months.

Does Georgia Classic Pool handle all of my grading and drainage work?
We will put a finish grade around the pool area when we are done, and we will make sure water drains away from the pool area (generally about 10’ around the perimeter of the pool area). This would NOT be a “sod ready” grade. However, if we are hired to also install your sod and landscape, we will handle all the grading and drainage as part of this scope. Otherwise, whomever is hired for sod and landscape would be responsible for the overall “finish” grade, “sod ready” grading and raking, and drainage.

Are there any hidden or “surprise” costs not in the contract invoice?
Gas Lines are not included in our price. Our gas contractor will work directly with you regarding the gas line installation and costs. Please see the invoice for more details.
Soil Conditions. We assume that the soil is stable enough to support a swimming pool and generally it is. But we will not know that for certain until we start digging the pool. If the soil is bad (ie, too wet, trash pits, rocks, boulders, garbage, etc), there will be added costs to the pool construction to remedy these types of conditions. These potential added costs are not accounted for in your contract/invoice. Every case is different, but we will make every effort to keep these costs at a minimum and will discuss them with you up front (generally day 1 of the pool dig).
Utilities. We assume that the utility supply (ie, electric & gas) at your home is adequate to support the pool equipment demands. And, that access to the supply source is easily reached. If supply is not adequate or easily accessible, there could be added costs. This will not be known until our electrical contractor assesses the job.
Tree Removal: our price does not include removing trees or stumps from the pool project area. This cost would be an added fee.
Auto Fill. An auto fill (water) will be installed on your pool. If a potable water source is within 20 feet of the pool equipment (outside the house), we will connect the auto fill to it. If a water source is further away, the connection will need to be by others (homeowner, irrigation, plumber). There is no warranty on the auto fill.

Dirt Haul
DIRT HAULING COSTS IN or OUT (if necessary) is not included (unless specifically noted within the project invoice and contract). We will need to discuss and source a location locally to haul the dirt to/from. The price to haul dirt will vary greatly based on proximity to haul it. The costs associated with hauling dirt are tractor time (loading, unloading and placement), dump truck time, compaction of dirt hauled in and disposal fees of dirt hauled out, if applicable. Generally, a good “rule of thumb” is that dirt can cost approx. $250 – $500/load to haul away or into a project.

What is the warranty?
Pool equipment is warranted by the manufacturer (Zodiac/Jandy) for 3 years
Day 1 is when your pool pumps are turned on by Pool Tech
Pebble Tec® has a 15-year limited warranty
General workmanship has a 1-year warranty from Georgia Classic Pool
The warranty is with the original pool owner

Pool Tec Service
Pebble Tec® installation occurs last.
After it has been installed, we are partnered with Pool Tech to start your pool up once it is full of water. “Starting up” means they will get the pool pumps going, balance the water and program your control system. After this initial startup, they will then contact you about a walk-thru and training later that is convenient for you. This walk-thru generally does not occur on the day they are starting up the pool. They will also program and network your pool control system (if you purchased this feature) to you home network. You can contact Pool Tech at direct at 678-445-1510 and learn more about their services

Georgia Classic Pool® will provide the first 4 weeks of pool service through our service partner, Pool Tech. After this 4 weeks of complimentary service, water chemistry and care of the pool is the responsibility of the Homeowner