The Pool Building Journey

The Roadmap

The Roadmap of a Georgia Classic Pool Construction Project

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The Pool Building Journey

The Pool Building Journey of a Georgia Classic Pool

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Roadmap - 120 Days

Dig Day

Dig Day - The Project Begins!!!

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Plumbing & Rebar

Plumbing and Rebar Installation

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The Shotcrete Installation

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much time does it usually take to construct the pool?
Our goal is to complete it within 120 days (although weather can significantly impact this target). If your project includes additional elements like a cabana, intricate hardscapes, or landscaping, please anticipate a timeframe of around 180 days. Please note that “Day 1” refers to the start of pool excavation.

Will my pool and outdoor living project match the 3D Design exactly?
No, the swimming pool and outdoor living project design we’ve presented serves as inspiration only. It doesn’t function as a construction drawing and isn’t intended to be a precise depiction of all elements to be constructed or installed. In general, the final construction may differ from the inspirational design in terms of chosen materials, the ultimate layout, and various particulars. Additionally, the pool invoice outlines the specifics of what the homeowner is getting and paying for, which isn’t solely based on the 3D plan or drawings.

Will there be work happening on my pool project every day?
Not exactly. Consider the process of building your pool as a marathon rather than a sprint. Numerous crews with distinct skill sets will be engaged in constructing your pool and outdoor living project. While we strive to coordinate these crews efficiently in succession, there might be occasional delays, resulting in days when no work is carried out on your pool. We’ve factored in these possibilities in our completion timeline. The Roadmap serves as our blueprint and should provide you with insight into the scheduling.

How much time does it usually take to obtain a permit?
The duration can significantly differ depending on your local municipality and the unique characteristics of your project. We’ve witnessed instances where permits are granted on the same day of submission, while in other cases, it might take up to six months, or longer.

Is Georgia Classic Pool responsible for all my grading and drainage work?
Upon completion, we will establish a final grade around the pool area and ensure water is directed away from it, generally covering about a 10-foot radius around the pool perimeter. However, this grade won’t be “sod ready.” If you engage us to handle sod and landscape installation, we will oversee all grading and drainage within that scope. Alternatively, if someone else is hired for sod and landscape, they would be accountable for achieving the ultimate “finish” grade, “sod ready” grading, raking, and drainage.

Are there any undisclosed or unexpected costs not mentioned in the contract invoice?
Soil Conditions: While we generally assume the soil is stable for a pool, we can’t be sure until excavation begins. In case the soil is problematic (e.g., excessive moisture, debris, rocks, etc.), there may be additional expenses to address these issues during construction. These potential costs are not included in your contract/invoice. While each situation is unique, we’ll make every effort to keep these costs minimal and will discuss them upfront, usually on the first day of excavation.
Gas Lines: Our price does not cover gas lines. A separate arrangement will be made with our gas contractor for installation and associated costs. You can find more details in the invoice.
Utilities: Our assumption is that your home’s utility supply (electricity and gas) is sufficient for pool equipment needs and easily accessible. If the supply isn’t sufficient or accessible, extra costs might arise. The extent of this will only be determined once our electrical contractor assesses the project.
Tree Removal: Removing trees or stumps from the pool project area isn’t covered by our price and would incur an additional fee.
Auto Fill: We’ll set up a water auto leveler system and prepare the plumbing for it. However, connecting this system to a water source (e.g., by an irrigation installer or plumber) will be handled by other parties. It’s important to note that there’s no warranty provided for the system’s performance, installation, or functionality.

Dirt Haul
The expenses associated with hauling dirt (whether it’s brought in or taken out of the pool project area) are not covered within the project costs. We will identify a nearby location for dirt transport to/from your job site, if relevant. The cost of hauling dirt can fluctuate significantly due to various factors such as dump truck usage time, distance for hauling, shuttle time of tractors from the backyard to the front for loading onto the dump truck, loading and unloading duration, proper placement, compaction of hauled dirt, and disposal fees for removed dirt. Moreover, if the dirt or debris is of poor quality (e.g., containing trash), landfill disposal fees might apply. As a general guideline, dirt hauling expenses can typically range between approximately $500 to $700 per load, considering all the aforementioned details. However, these figures can vary based on the specific conditions mentioned earlier.

What does the warranty cover?
Pool equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s (Zodiac/Jandy) warranty for a duration of 3 years.
The warranty period starts when your pool pumps are activated by our Pool Tech on the first day.
Pebble Tec® comes with a limited warranty spanning 15 years. Our general workmanship is backed by a 1-year warranty from Georgia Classic Pool.
Please note that the warranty is applicable exclusively to the original pool owner.

Pool Tech Service
Pebble Tec® installation is the final step.
Once it’s in place, we collaborate with Pool Tech to initiate your pool’s operation once it’s filled with water. This “startup” entails activating the pool pumps, balancing the water, and configuring your control system. Following this initial startup, Pool Tech will reach out to you to schedule a walk-through and training session at your convenience. Please note that this walk-through typically occurs on a separate day from the pool startup. They will also set up and connect your pool control system to your home network if you opted for this feature. You can directly reach Pool Tech at 678-445-1510.

Georgia Classic Pool® will arrange for the initial 4 weeks of pool service via our service partner, Pool Tech. Following this complimentary 4-week service period, it becomes the homeowner’s responsibility to manage the pool’s water chemistry and maintenance.