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Create the Perfect Ambience with Elegant Pool Landscaping Services in Atlanta

Landscaping is the penultimate phase of the pool construction process. It entails adding poolside elements like trees, shrubs, sod, and fences for enhanced aesthetics and functionality. At Georgia Classic Pool, we offer customized pool landscaping services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Our stunning landscape designs are second to none, ensuring captivating poolside experiences. We craft inspirational landscapes that harmoniously blend with your backyard’s natural surroundings, taking your outdoor experience to the next level.

Our contractors are also fast and reliable and can deliver your project within the set timelines. We have a diverse portfolio of landscapes in our Landscape Gallery, allowing you to choose the ultimate style for your unique needs and desires. These exquisite designs demonstrate our innovative and creative approach to offering unmatched swimming pool landscapes for your outdoor space. The best part is that our services are affordable. We can design and implement any blueprint within your budget.

Katie Medina

Katie Medina

Senior Landscape Architect

Katie Medina’s primary goal is to leave a lasting impact on her clients’ lives. She endeavors to design spaces that not only meet aesthetic and functional requirements but also become cherished places where families and friends gather, forming lasting memories for years to come. Her commitment to her craft, diverse experiences, and dedication to her clients make her a standout figure in the field of landscape architecture.

Bo Barrere brings his exceptional expertise to the forefront as the Landscape Project Manager at Georgia Classic Pool. With a key role in translating landscape designs into stunning installations, Bo works closely with our teams in the field and homeowners to ensure the seamless execution of every project.

Bo Barrere

Tailored Designs for Landscaping Around Your Pool in Atlanta

At Georgia Classic Pool, we understand that every property is unique. You might need different landscaping options for your swimming pool to make the most of your outdoor experience. Whether you want to plant low-maintenance plants or prefer to lay an artificial turf around your pool, you can count on us to deliver. We can transform the landscape design around your pool in Atlanta, ensuring it meets your expectations and preferences. Every landscape design we create is customized meticulously to elevate your property’s aesthetics and fit your lifestyle.

We use quality materials, indigenous plants, and innovative poolside elements to create eco-friendly landscapes that have a minimal environmental impact for enhanced sustainability. We can also offer poolside maintenance services upon request. Call us today to book an appointment. Our dedicated and passionate landscape architects are ready to discuss with you to understand your preferences, aspirations, and vision for the ultimate outdoor sanctuary.

Our Custom Pool Landscaping Services in Atlanta & Milton, GA

Swimming pool

Swimming Pool

We are experts in swimming pool construction, installation, maintenance, and renovation.



Transform the landscape design around your pool with innovative and eco-friendly poolside elements.



Enhance your outdoor space with masterful hardscape creations ranging from patios to decorative walls.



We specialize in constructing stylish cabanas, creating the perfect outdoor escape.

Wood Decks & Step

Decks & Steps

Elevate your outdoor space with custom wood decks and steps from Georgia Classic Pool.



Enhance your outdoor living experience with beautiful and functional outdoor structures, from arbors to pergolas.



We design and build commercial swimming pools for business establishments and community projects.

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