Your Swimming Pool Project Questions Answered: Georgia Classic Pool FAQ

Your Swimming Pool Project Questions Answered: Georgia Classic Pool Faq

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Important: Please Review Contract and Invoice Details Carefully

At Georgia Classic Pool, we value transparency and clarity in our project commitments. We kindly ask that you carefully review the contract and invoice in their entirety before finalizing them. Every item listed in the invoice is an integral part of the project’s scope of work. If any verbal agreements or discussions with the designer are not reflected in the invoice, we urge you to bring these to our attention before signing, ensuring that all discussed elements are included. Once the contract and invoice are signed, they become our official reference over verbal discussions.

Completion Timeline

Our aim is to complete your pool within 120 days, though this timeline may be subject to weather conditions. For projects encompassing additional elements like cabanas, intricate hardscapes, or landscaping, the timeframe may extend to around 180 days. Day 1 signifies the commencement of pool excavation.

3D Design and Construction Reality

The swimming pool and outdoor living project design presented serves as inspiration and not as a construction drawing. The final construction might differ from the inspirational design concerning chosen materials, layout, and other particulars. The pool invoice details the homeowner’s scope, not solely based on the 3D plan or drawings.

Construction Progress

Building your pool involves multiple crews with distinct skills. While we aim to coordinate these efficiently, occasional delays might occur, resulting in some days without construction. Our completion timeline factors in such possibilities, guided by the Roadmap, serving as our project blueprint: Georgia Classic Pool Roadmap.

Permit Duration

Permit acquisition duration varies based on local municipality and project specifics. Permit approvals might range from the same day to six months or longer.

Grading and Drainage

Upon completion, we establish the final grade around the pool area and ensure proper water drainage within a 10-foot radius. However, if sod and landscaping are part of our services, we manage all grading and drainage within that scope.

Undisclosed Costs

  • Soil Conditions: Unforeseen soil challenges might incur additional expenses during construction.
  • Gas Lines: Gas line installation requires a separate arrangement with our gas contractor.
  • Utilities: Adequate utility supply (electricity and gas) for pool equipment is assumed; additional costs may arise if the supply is insufficient.
  • Tree Removal: Removing trees or stumps from the pool area incurs an extra fee.
  • Auto Fill: Installation warranty is not provided; connecting to a water source is managed by other parties.
  • Dirt Haul: Expenses related to hauling dirt (in or out of the pool area) vary due to multiple factors.

Warranty Coverage

Pool equipment carries a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Pebble Tec® offers a 15-year limited warranty. Georgia Classic Pool provides a 1-year workmanship warranty. Note: Warranties apply solely to the original pool owner.

Pool Tech Service

Georgia Classic Pool collaborates with Pool Tech for the pool startup, maintenance, and service for an initial 4-week period. Afterward, homeowners are responsible for pool maintenance.

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