How Long Does It Take to Build an In-ground Pool?

How Long Does It Take To Build An In-ground Pool

A swimming pool can be an excellent addition to any home. Besides boosting your property’s value, it creates the ideal setting for social gatherings. It also fosters family bonds and allows you to work out your muscles for optimal health and well-being. The best part is that you can customize your pool to fit your unique comfort and recreational needs.

So, How Long Does Building a Pool Take?

There are many types of pools. However, an in-ground pool remains one of the most popular options, given that it is highly customizable. The walls of this swimming pool align with your backyard or lawn, making them aesthetically pleasing. In contrast, an above-ground pool sits above the ground. The timeline for building each type varies, with in-ground pools taking longer than their above-ground variation.

Below are key factors that determine how long it will take to build an in-ground pool from start to finish.

Design and Shape

Designing a swimming pool blueprint can take anywhere from one to eight weeks. A standard rectangular pool takes the least time to design. If you want a unique shape, your designer might require up to eight weeks to finalize the final plan.


You cannot build a swimming pool without a permit. Your local authority must approve your design before building a pool in a residential area. Unfortunately, the approval duration is out of your control. Most municipalities take two to six weeks before issuing swimming pool permits to homeowners.


After securing a pool contractor and getting all approvals, the next step is prepping and excavating your backyard. How long it takes to build a pool in your backyard depends on how fast the contractor will prepare and excavate the land. The size of the pool might come into play. Land preparation and excavation for a standard in-ground pool takes about one week.

Circuitry Installation and Plumbing

The next step after excavation is circuitry installation and plumbing. Your pool contractor will install the necessary electrical wires and plumbing lines in the excavated site to connect the water pump to the pool. It might take one or two days to complete this stage.

Pool Shell Building

The penultimate stage is building the pool shell. You can select from vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete for your pool. Fiberglass pools take two days to install and concrete about a month, while vinyl swimming pools take two weeks. After installing, the last step entails landscaping your lawn and adding decorative elements to the pool.

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