How Much Space Do You Need for a Swimming Pool?

How Much Space Do You Need for a Swimming Pool?

The benefits of pool ownership are numerous. Swimming pools create the perfect space for relaxation and recreation. Besides transforming your outdoor living experience, a well-designed and maintained pool can significantly boost your home’s value. One of the factors many property owners consider when installing a pool is space. So, how much space do you need for a pool? Let’s find out.

How Much Land Do You Need for a Pool?

A swimming pool can be an excellent addition to any property. However, the amount of space you have in your backyard might stand between you and your dream pool. Understanding how much land you need for pool installation can make a difference in determining the type and design of the perfect pool for your needs.

As a rule of thumb, your new swimming pool and the poolside elements should not occupy more than 25% of your backyard space. The pool surroundings should not exceed 50% of the pool surface. Following this guideline will ensure you build the ideal pool for your family. That said, here are a few factors to consider when assessing how much land you need to build a pool:

  • Grassed play areas for kids and pets
  • Outdoor entertainment spaces such as cabanas, kitchens, and pool houses
  • Landscaping and garden beds
  • Privacy from neighboring properties
  • Safety features and critical poolside elements

Additional Space Requirements for Pool Installation

When calculating how much space you need for a pool, you may have to look beyond personal outdoor requirements. Here are additional factors to consider:

  • Property Easements – Your new pool should not obstruct or encroach rear and side easement areas and services, such as sewer lines, water mains, driveways, and pathways.
  • Local Authority Guidelines – Some local authorities and municipalities require that a swimming pool should be a specific distance from the residence or commercial property.
  • Fencing – The size and location of the pool might depend on the pool fence guidelines, which determine how much land you need for a pool.

Enlist Professional Swimming Pool Contractors in Milton

Determining how much space you need for a swimming pool is an intricate process. It requires proper assessment by a professional pool company. Georgia Classic Pool has the expertise, experience, and resources to calculate any site earmarked for pool construction. Contact us for a free consultation and assessment for pool installation in Milton and the surrounding areas.

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