Top 3 Pool Maintenance Tips for Crystal Clear Water

Top 3 Pool Maintenance Tips for Crystal Clear Water

A swimming pool in your backyard is a welcome convenience, especially when the temperatures soar like crazy during summer. But what happens if your swimming pool doesn’t inspire you to take a dip? If that is the case, you are probably dealing with the effects of a poorly-maintained swimming pool.

Here’s a list of swimming pool care tips for sparkling clean water.

Maintain Your Pool’s Filtration System

One of the easiest pool maintenance tips is to keep an eye on your filtration system. Every swimming pool features a filtration system whose primary function is to remove debris and contaminants that can leave your pool water looking dirty and unclear. It can happen when you don’t keep the filtration system up to par, and here’s how to keep it functional at all times:

  • Inspect and clean the pool filter at regular intervals, whether it is a sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth filter.
  • If your pool filter is worn out or damaged, it is critical that you find a replacement for the entire filter or the components that reduce the filter’s filtration efficiency.

Clean and Vacuum Your Pool

More often, your pool might be located in an open space that has trees hanging over it. The leaves and twigs from these trees can find their way to the bottom of your swimming pool. At the same time, regular use of the swimming pool introduces some dirt that can stick to the previously pristine tiles. Your swimming pool cannot remain sparkling if there are dirt or twigs dotting the tiles and the water surface. When that happens:

  • Use a pool skimmer to remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from the surface of the pool as regularly as possible.
  • Brush and vacuum your pool floor and walls once in a while to remove stains, dirt build-up, and algae growth that usually makes the pool appear greenish.
  • Scrub the waterline and surrounding tiles to remove scum and algae that accumulate around the edges to ensure a balance in the water chemistry and a sparkling appearance.

Keep Your Water Chemistry Balanced

Another essential pool care tip is ensuring proper water chemistry in your swimming pool. Unbalanced water chemistry can lead to the build-up of bacteria, damaged pool equipment, and algae growth.

To prevent algae or bacterial build-up, you should test the pool water regularly and adjust the water chemistry as needed by adding chemicals to maintain the water chemistry. Ideally, the pH levels for a swimming pool should be between 7.4 and 7.6.

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