What Is the Best Type of Inground Swimming Pool?

What Is The Best Type Of Inground Swimming Pool

Building a swimming pool in your backyard can help increase your property value. However, selecting the appropriate swimming pool for your home can be overwhelming. In any case, there are different types of inground swimming pools to consider. The ideal option for your property depends on several factors, including the pool size, shape, design, budget, available space, and personal preferences.

So, What Is the Best Inground Pool?

Inground pools are the most common type of swimming pool. These pools fit inside an excavated ground, hence their name. Understanding the different types of inground pools can help you determine what type of inground pool is best for your home. Here is a breakdown of the three common types of inground pools:


Most traditional inground pools are concrete. They are distinguished for their durability and customizability. You can customize your concrete pool to fit any shape or size. They also have minimal upkeep requirements, thanks to their resilience to environmental elements. However, it can take up to three months to install. Additionally, concrete inground pools are porous, making them prone to algae and mold. They also require additional decorative elements to match your landscaping and exterior aesthetics.


Fiberglass is another popular option for building an inground pool. Fiberglass inground pools are sleek and have low maintenance costs. They are resistant to mold and algae since they comprise non-porous materials. Installing a fiberglass pool requires the least time since it comes prefabricated to match the size of the excavated site. Fiberglass swimming pools utilize the latest technology to ensure optimal tensile strength and durability. They are also available in various colors to match your curb appeal and landscaping. The only drawback is that they are somewhat expensive.

Vinyl Liner

Building a swimming pool is now more affordable than ever, thanks to vinyl liner inground pools. These swimming pools have the least initial cost. They are also customizable like concrete but are somewhat non-porous, making them less susceptible to mold and algae. The only issue with vinyl liner inground swimming pools is that they are not as durable as fiberglass or concrete. They last for less than a decade before requiring a replacement.

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