Katie Medina

Katie Medina

Senior Landscape Architect

Katie Medina, PLA (Professional Landscape Architect)

Katie Medina, PLA (Professional Landscape Architect), is a seasoned landscape architect whose passion for her craft has defined her professional journey since 2012. She embarked on her path to becoming a landscape architect by earning her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the prestigious University of Georgia in 2012. Following her academic achievements, she took the significant step of obtaining her professional license in 2016, marking the formal recognition of her expertise in the field.

Katie’s career can be divided into two distinct phases, each marked by its unique focus and contributions to the world of landscape architecture. During the first six years of her career, she immersed herself in the municipal and institutional realm. In this capacity, she engaged in the creation of extensive masterplans for state parks, public schools, and private institutions. Her work in this phase of her career involved intricate planning and design for large-scale projects that serve the community at large. This early experience equipped her with a strong foundation in conceptualizing and executing projects of considerable scope and significance.

The second phase of Katie’s career, spanning the last seven years, has been dedicated to the realm of high-end residential design. Here, her passion for landscape architecture converged with her love for travel and exploration. Over the past decade, Katie has undertaken in-depth studies in garden design in various international destinations, including Italy, France, England, and Thailand. These global experiences have enriched her understanding of diverse design elements, horticultural practices, and cultural influences that she skillfully incorporates into her work.

Katie’s hallmark lies in her ability to create bespoke designs that resonate with each client’s individual vision for their home. Whether the project involves a complete property transformation or the creation of a small, intimate kitchen garden, Katie draws inspiration from the property’s existing character. She believes that a deep connection with the environment and its surroundings is paramount to the success of any project.

Ultimately, Katie’s primary goal is to leave a lasting impact on her clients’ lives. She endeavors to design spaces that not only meet aesthetic and functional requirements but also become cherished places where families and friends gather, forming lasting memories for years to come. Her commitment to her craft, diverse experiences, and dedication to her clients make her a standout figure in the field of landscape architecture.