Shanise Jordan

Shanise Jordan-Dover

Shanise Jordan-Dover is an accomplished swimming pool designer and salesperson at Georgia Classic Pool. With a background in residential exterior and landscape lighting design, Shanise brings a unique perspective to her current role. She made the transition to pool and outdoor living design in 2020 and has since thrived in her new domain.

One of Shanise’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to truly listen to her clients’ needs and desires. By understanding their vision, she can effectively translate it into captivating and functional designs. Shanise takes immense pride in her work, as she believes in making her clients’ dreams come to life through her meticulous design process.

What sets Shanise apart is her genuine passion for helping people transform their homes into havens of comfort, joy, and togetherness. By creating stunning pool and outdoor living spaces, she aims to revolutionize the way families live and bond within the confines of their own homes. Shanise’s dedication to enhancing the lifestyle of her clients is evident in every project she undertakes.`

Working at Georgia Classic Pool, Shanise cherishes the opportunity to be part of a family business. Collaborating with her family members on a daily basis adds an extra layer of trust and camaraderie to her work. It allows her to create a warm and welcoming environment for her clients, which aids in the entire construction process from start to finish.

In her free time, Shanise enjoys spending time with her husband, Joshua, and fur babies at their Marietta home. She is very engaged at her church, and cherishes her quiet time with the Lord. Outside of design work, she also attends and participates in the performing arts, and has spent much time learning various acting techniques. She is a passionate artist through and through, and it plays very well into her role at Georgia Classic Pool.

With her expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence, Shanise Jordan-Dover is a highly sought-after swimming pool designer and salesperson. Her ability to bring dreams to life and create unforgettable outdoor living spaces has made her an invaluable asset to Georgia Classic Pool and a trusted partner to her clients.